Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Ham

I hosted my first Christmas Eve party this year and it was my first ham. It was so good, yes I am tooting my own horn.

I used my mom's preparation for the ham.

1 can of pineapples
brown sugar
whole cloves

I cut diamond shapes on the top of the ham and poured the pineapple juice over it. I added the whole cloves by placing a clove at each point of the diamond cuts. I then packed the brown sugar all over the ham and then placed the pineapples on top of the ham.

I filled the pan half full of water, mixed with the pineapple juice..... You cook based on pounds, which is on the package. This was cooked at 350 degrees for 8 hours. So tender and juicy.

Someone picked at it before I took the final picture, but you can see it's just falling apart.

My hubby carving the Ham, which didn't take much. Isn't he a cutie pie?

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Nerdy said...

He's so stinking cute. Glad he's my husband too :)